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Glittering powders can be applied in combination with cloisonne / synthetic enamel and soft enamel. This process adds life the colors of the lapel pins creations.

Glittering lapel pins are a hit with pins that have children as the main recipient, children find these pins fun, fascinating
, and a collectible item.

For so little extra your lapel pin can become a pin that will be treated as a treasure.
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The base lapel pin is the same as any other soft enamel or cloisonne / synthetic enamel lapel pins. The difference in that glittering powder is applied to soft enamel or cloisonne / synthetic enamel colors. Additionally, some designs will benefit with the application of epoxy coating.

Please contact us and e-mail us your prospective design for a free design evaluation, artwork, suggestions and quote.
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A small additional charge above the price of the standard lapel pins will apply. For more information please contact us at , or call us at 1-888-799-2001.

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