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175 of lines resolution to assure that your design is achieved in the highest quality possible!!! For a small surcharge we can provide a resolutionof up to 250 lines.

Brass is the most common used base metal but it is available also with stainless steel and aluminum. The standard thickness is 0.8mm but it can be increase at customer's requirements.

The printing colors are based on CMYK files. If you require perfect Pantone match please ask us about silkscreen printing.
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Offset Printed Custom Pin    
Multiple Dimension Offset Printing Pins Chart
Custom Pin Dimension Chart   What does this chart mean?
Offset Printing lapel pins are the best value. They are cheap and fast to produce. The quality of the final product is good because the material is thinner than other pins.
We can rush these puppies if needed, as the production process is simple and straightforward.
We can add processes such as glow in the dark, flashing lights, and pin on pin.
Custom offset printed pins:

Advanced equipment is used to print onto the surface of the lapel pins at up to 250 lines. Standard options for offset pins is a thin metal border, please provide explicit instructions if a color is required.For Best Results:
- Provide artwork or files in CMYK color format and at a minimum of 400 dpi.

No Plating.
How is this pin made    
Making the Negative
Artwork, films or files from the customer are used to produce films for each color (CMYK)
Making the Printing Plate
Based on the films, one printnig plate for each color (CMYK) is produced for the desing.
One color at a time is printed with corresponding design.
Dried in oven before printing another color.
Metal board is cut in rows.
Individual designs cut in custom outline.

Attachment is glued on the back of each piece.
Attachment is soldered onto the back of each piece
Epoxy Coating
Clear epoxy is applied to the surface to protect the enamel from color fading and cracking. We strongly recommend that printed items are ordered with epoxy protection, in order to improve the lifetime and quality of the item.
Inspection & Packing
All items are strictly inspected before delivery. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  Custom Offset Printed Lapel Pin Prices    
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Minimum Order 200. Low Set-up Charge, $20.00 on most designs.
Offset Printed is economic for large quantity orders, click here to see all prices

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