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Pin on Pin is the technique of combining more than one pin into one design. The possibilities are only limited by the designer's imagination.

Mounted pins can also be designed to have movement, or other special processes such as glittering, glow in the dark, or flashing lights. Puzzle pins is other possibility.

Please call us with your questions, and e-mail us your design for evaluation and suggestions.
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How is this pin made    

Pin on pins can be made using one production method or a combinatin of production methods. Cloisonne or Synthetic Enamel lapel pins are the most recommended choices for the base pin because of the combination of its thickness and flat surface finish. Any number of special processes can be used on the base pin to achieve the desired design including glow in the dark, glittering, synthetic stones, lenticular inserts, or pvc inserts. Special and detailed cuts can also enhance the overall design of the lapel pins.

The additional lapel pins can be offset printing, diestruck, soft enamel, photoetched or cloisonne / synthetic enamel. A number of different techniques can be used to create a pin with movement including insede cuts on the base pin, or special attachments on the additional pins.

Please contact us and e-mail us your prospective design for a free design evaluation, artwork, suggestions and quote.
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The price of pin on pins will vary depending on each particular design. Please e-mail us your design for a free quotation.

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